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Valeting Centre

  • Exterior washed using our EcoCare range.
  • Waxed and polished to a deep glossy shine.
  • All rubbers and plastics cleaned and dressed.
  • Wheels and tyres cleaned and dressed.
  • interior fully vacuumed including boot area.
  • Carpets, seats and floormats shampooed.
  • All interior plastics cleaned and polished.
  • Dials and instruments cleaned and polished.
  • Windows cleaned and polished.
  • Door sills and ledges cleaned.
  • All rubbish removed.
  • Fresh odour if desired.
Premium Plus
  • Everything included in the Premium valet and also,
  • Waxed with 2 types of wax - carnauba and montan for superior shine and protection
  • paintwork sealant applied by hand
  • paintscuff and minor scratch treatment including paint renovation.
  • Interior upholstery steam cleaned where applicable.
  • Detailed leather / upholstery cleaning.
  • Interior fully deoderised and freshened.

Perfectionist Valet

  • Exterior washed using our premium Ecocare range
  • Bodywork fully clay barred to remove contaminents
  • 3 Stage machine polish
  • Waxed three times and sealed for mirror like finish and best possible protection
  • Bodywork scuff and minor scratch removal
  • Paint renovation treatment
  • Wheels removed and fully cleaned
  • Tyres cleaned and dressed
  • All rubbers and plastics cleaned and dressed
  • Plastics sealed for long-life protection
  • Interior fully vacuumed including boot area
  • Carpets, seats and floormats shampooed
  • Detailed Leather/Upholstery cleaning
  • All interior plastics cleaned and polished
  • Dials and Instruments cleaned and polished
  • Windows cleaned and polished
  • Door sills removed
  • All rubbish removed
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