Isle Of Islay History

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Welcome to the Isle of Islay


The Isle of Islay is the southernmost island of the Inner Hebrides. The islands capital is Bowmore. Islay is the 6th largest island surrounding Great Britain. The island is known for its spectacular views, distillery and masses of species of birds which inhabit the Isle of Islay.


Eating Out.


The Isle of Islay boasts a wide range of restaurants and cafes to satisfy your hungry needs after a long day of uncovering Islay’s beauty. From French to Indian, Islay has everything. They island only uses the most freshest produce and really shows to its visitors what relaxation is all about, high class service with a delicious wine, what could be better? Auld Alliance- classic French style cuisine is intertwined with beautiful fresh produce, to make your dining experience a special one, with a wide range of wines, malts and cognacs, this restaurant is sure to be imprinted on your memory forever. Maharana Restaurant- This traditional Indian restaurant, shows its guest what relaxation is, with traditional curries and a selection of all beverages, it is sure to tick all the right boxes.




There are two ways to travel to Islay, bus or plane. The bus route can be easily acquired from Glasgow Buchannan Street and Glasgow International Airport. It takes 4 and half hours. The plane route is more scenic and quicker, but as you can expect costs more. There are two departures daily from Glasgow International to Islay. The journey is 40 minutes in total. When you get to Islay to make your stay more enjoyable, there is a wide range of taxi services to take you anywhere you want in Islay. These can be pre booked by calling a special number.




Cycling- Due to the islands geography, Islay offers any form of cycling possible. From mountain biking over rough terrain to a relaxing cycle round Islay anything is possible. There are many places in Islay, which offer bike hire, and these can all be reached with ease once you get to this beautiful island.


Bird watching- Islay is home to over 100 species of birds. Lurking in the untouched crags and cliffs of Islay you can venture upon birds like skylarks, thrushes and some forms of eagle. You must indulge in this refreshing activity due to the fact that you will see birds from all around the world, which migrate to Islay for breeding reasons e.g. Arctic Terns. Let the nature of Islay relax and mesmerise you.


Machrie Golf Links- Unwind with a spot of golf at the islands golf course. Originally constructed by Willie Campbell in 1891, the golf course is an emblem of Islay and has only gone through some mild changes 1980 so is basically unchanged. The course offers 6 hole and 18 hole games and is perfect for beginner and advance players.


Fishing- Islay is home to many river and Lochs which are full of many species of fish. Loch Gorm is home to brown trout and salmon and thus is popular for locals and visitors to the island. You can rent boats and rods at many providers at the island. Only beware readers, check with the gamekeeper which days are fine to go out on the loch to fish as some days there is deer shooting in the area !




Make your stay perfect at Islay by booking at any bed and breakfast; just click the link to check out some great places to stay.




The island of Islay has a vibrant and winding history, dating back to around 8000 BC when equipment (flint tools and working debris) was found from Mesolithic times. This indicates that Islay has been inhabited for a long time! After 500 AD there seems to be boom in the documented writing on Islay, this could be because Christianity inhabited itself into the island as there are engravings on churches, which shows the evidence of this. Many of this historical work can be found in the museum in Islay. If we jump forward to the 20th century, then we can see that Islay has been crafted because of its history and therefore is a very agricultural based island. Come to Islay to find out more of this mysterious islands fascinating history.