Isle of Barra History

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Welcome to Barra



The isle of Barra is a beautiful, picturesque town located in the top half of Scotland. The main language spoken there is Gaelic, which is one of the last areas in Scotland to have Gaelic as its main language. It is the southernmost inhabited island of the Outer Hebrides. This island offers spectacular walks and many water sports for visitors to indulge in,


Food and Drink.


Barra boasts a wide range of restaurants and bars, using the finest produce available, and provides top quality service to make your meal or drink perfect! After a long day of uncovering Barra’s secrets, relax and unwind with a delicious meal at Castlebay Hotel/Restaurant. It is known for its dazzling views over the bay, and its fabulous wine list (the best in Barra). The Heathbank restaurant is sure to amaze, with its stunning view over Ardeveenish port which in turn will compliment your meal! As for bars, The Craigard Bar will definitely suit all desires for a drink, with its notorious reputation for great Sunday afternoon live music from the locals, it is sure to be a good drink




To get to Barra there are two ways: You can take the ferry from Oban which takes approximately 5 hours, but this journey will fly by thanks to the beautiful scenery and onboard luxuries which include a cafeteria and a TV area. Barra also offers a unique way of travelling. Flight. No its not what your thinking, Barra is the only airport in the world which is a beach! Flights to Barra are accessible from Glasgow, but times vary because of the tide coming in on the beach.








Barra offers a unique and fun filled adventure into Scottish waters thanks to its rocky shores and beautiful white beaches. Delve into the waters of Barra and discover sea life like you have never seen before. This is a must for families and the expedition can be tailored for snorkelling levels.



Kisimul Castle:


Barra has a historic side to it to; there is a castle in the bay! That is what Kisimul translates literally into. Not only can you visit this ancient castle between April and September, but try and unlock the mystery of when the castle was build, a must for anyone visiting Barra.




The most well known event in Barra, is the Barrathon! This is a marathon spanning the whole of Barra, which aims to raise money for charities, boost the local economy and encourage social union. Barra have seen runners as far fetched as Japan, Argentina and America, June 30th . The Heaval Race is a competition that has been in Barra for the last 40 years. Competitors run to the top of Heavel and take whichever route they think is best back. This is a traditional event, and one that you should not miss! 7th July.    




Barra has a wide range of bed and breakfasts for you to choose from, just click on the link to check them out and make your stay a non-chilly one!